Mission Statment

​This is a fundraiser to raise money for our organization (The Community Garden Homeless Project) or CGHP. The purpose of our organization is to acquire some land either through donations or by making a down payment and buying it, the land would be used for a Community garden, and we going to grow organic fruit and vegetables, and we going to give it to those in need, to the local Churches, and the local food pantries, and we also want to help and teach people how to grow their own food, it is also our mission to help the homeless, we like to help as many people as we can, and the more land we have the more people we can help, we like to help the homeless by giving them a permanent place to live,this isn't a handout, they can pay for their room and board by helping us with the Community garden and our organization, and I would like to restart my lawncare service and I can pay them if they want to help me with that, one more thing, we are applying for a 501 (c) (3) so we can have a nonprofit status.


​Dornors and Dornations

This organization is in it's infancy, and we need money just to get started, right now I'm applying for a  nonprofit status, a 501 (c) (3) but it takes money just to do that, I paint part time and I don't have the money to run this project by myself, I have to rely on donations just to get this project off the ground,  any donations to our organization will be greatly appreciated, besides money, we need land, you can't have a community garden without land, if anybody has a piece of land, even just a small plot that they can donate or loan to our organization, please email us and let us know, we are also seeking the donation of a pickup Truck, a garden Tractor, a garden Tiller, and a riding lawn mower, and garden tools that anyone has to donate, and we will also take anything of value that we can sell at a Garage sale or on this website.



​Hosting House Parties


​I need people in the Mobile, AL. area to host fundraising house parties for me, to help me raise money for my organization, I live in a trailer in Irvington and I don't have the room to host them myself, the host don't have to have a big house, the party can be held outside if the yard is big enough, and I like the yard to be big  enough so the guest can play volleyball and other games, and it's a plus if the host has a swimming pool, I will be responsible for everything, for inviting the guest, and buying all the snacks, soft drinks and beer, if we have beer at the party, and I will get volunteers to help with the party, if anybody wants to host a party for me, or if you just want information on anything, please email me.



​​Volunteers and Volunteering

​We are looking for people in the Mobile, AL. area who wants to help us with our organization, the CGHP. like I said before, this project is new, and we are just starting out, right now we need Volunteers to host parties for us to help us raise money for the CGHP. we also need people to help us throw the parties, and there are other ways to raise donations, if someone wants to run their own fundraiser for us on their own, that would be great to, anybody that wants to helps us raise money can get a free web page from us.